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The Red Meat Advisory Council collaborates with many to grow our reputation & unlock seven billion dollars in value for an exceptional Australian red meat and livestock sector

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2017 was an extraordinary year for Australia’s red meat and livestock industries.

From jobs, to growth, to the meals 24 million Australians (and customers in over 100 countries) enjoy every day, red meat touches every part of the Australian success story.

Red meat matters when it comes to feeding our nation; and making Australia a prosperous one at that. With this in mind there is a lot at ‘steak;’ and this year RMAC remains committed to providing strong leadership for our six-member bodies and all members of this great industry.

 We must stay ahead of strong competition from competing countries and competing proteins. This will only be achieved with substantial investment by both industry and government to capitalise on the momentum achieved to date.

That’s why in 2018, RMAC will be collaborating with the whole of industry to develop our next strategic plan which will provide a roadmap for growth out to 2030. Our target now is $7 billion dollars in growth; let’s see what are the new gains that can be made moving forward.

Together with our members, RMAC looks forward to continuing to partner with the Australian Government in 2018 in Feeding Our Nation and to collectively build on the outstanding work already done by this industry.

Don Mackay Independent Chair


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