About us

Who we are

The Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) is an industry advocacy and advisory group.

We represent the Australian red meat and livestock supply chain from ‘paddock to plate’ to advance our industries interests to customers, the community and government.

Our membership includes all aspects of the beef, sheepmeat and goat meat value chain from production, feedlotting, processing, retailing, wholesaling and livestock and boxed product exporting.

RMAC creates value for our industry through:

  • Industry leadership and coordination
  • Providing high quality advice to the Federal Minister for Agricultural as a Ministerial Advisory Council
  • Advocate key solutions to improve Australian red meat and livestock businesses to the community, industry and government
  • Coordinate the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020 – worth $7 billion to the sector; and
  • Manage the Red Meat Industry Fund.

Resource: Fact Sheet – About RMAC

Our vision

The Australian red meat and livestock industry is working together to add seven billion dollars to our industry. We want our industry to be an acclaimed contributor to the Australian community and economy.

We seek to be:

  • Recognised for our environmental credentials
  • Respected for our stewardship of livestock
  • Rewarded for our high quality products

We will work with our members, the community, industry and government to achieve this vision.

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