Red Meat Advisory Council & Government

The Red Meat Advisory Council are a group of industry leaders who believe we are better working together as a value chain in representing our interests to the community, the industry and to government.

We are a formal Ministerial Advisory Committee to the Federal Agriculture Minister of the day and actively work to provide initiatives to government to assist our customers and our industry.

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Red Meat & Regulation

The Australian red meat and livestock industry is subject to regulation at every stage of the supply chain – from paddock to plate – from Federal, State and Local Governments.

Whilst the industry recognises the need for responsible and mature regulation; the current regulatory burden for the industry is significant and needs to be constantly revised to ensure Australian beef, sheepmeat and goat meat products remain internationally competitive.

We believe that the cost of regulation to the red meat value chain can be up to 25 per of individual businesses returns.

In 2017, our focus is on eight key priorities in Feeding Our People which will provide benefits throughout the Australian red meat and livestock value chain and the families and communities we support.

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Red Meat & Decision Makers

In addition to our formal advisory roles, the Red Meat Advisory Council works actively with key members of Cabinet, members of the Upper and Lower House and Federal Departments to advance opportunities for our sector.

Our Policy and Red Meat News outlines the key government-industry activities we are actively collaborating on.