Our Policy

Policy settings play a vital determinant in longevity and prosperity for all Australian red meat and livestock businesses.  RMAC works with our members, the industry and customers to make sure we get it right in an economic and political climate that could see the red meat and livestock sector unlock up to seven billion in growth over the next few years.

We do this through policy leadership and advising the Federal Minister for Agriculture and the Federal Government on a ‘solutions-based’ agenda for:

  • Policy for consumers & the community
  • Policy for market growth & diversification
  • Policy for efficient & integral supply chains
  • Policy for productivity & profitability

This year RMAC’s key national priorities are outlined in Feeding Our People 2017.

The red meat industry can continue to grow high quality and safe red meat products that play a vital part in delivering jobs and growth to Australians. We ask that the government of the day supports us to get this right and that the significance of our trade is recognised by decision makers and the community alike.

Policy for Consumers & the Community

Ensuring continued support from Australian consumers and the community is critical to our trade.
We want to satisfy the community and ourselves that we are doing the right thing, particularly in relation to:

  • Animal welfare
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Red meat in a healthy diet.

It is our largest area of risk that could potentially cost the industry up to 3.5 billion dollars if community support is not maintained. We believe this can be delivered through industry-government partnerships in:

  • Encouraging and supporting continued improvement and investment in animal welfare practices throughout the supply chain.
  • Government and industry working together to ensure appropriate levels of investment are maintained to minimise the risk and impact of emergency and endemic livestock disease.
  • Recognising leading in environmental stewardship ensures the longevity and prosperity of the sector from paddock to plate.
  • Red meat remains recognised as a preferred component in a healthy diet and Australian red meat should be is recognised as such to our customers in Australia and abroad.

Policy for Market Growth & Diversification

Trade growth alone highlights the importance of policy settings and meaningful partnerships with government at home and abroad in creating value for our industry.

The Australian red meat and livestock exports to over 120 different countries globally, and has recently enjoyed unprecedented market access gains in Japan, Korea and China which could add up to 20 billion dollars to our bottom line by 2020.

But there is work yet to be done. Trade with nations on the Pacific rim has changed in light of the US election; and the 2016 Brexit vote has left the industry with a potential two new trade agreements to be negotiated.

Over 3 billion in opportunity lost in technical barriers to trade in over 120 different export markets remain a very real frustration for Australian red meat and livestock businesses.

The MISP2020 identifies trade as the biggest area of growth with up to three billion dollars being unlocked for the sector with an appropriate reform and expansion by 2030.

We will continue to work with the government to achieve:

  • Unfettered trade and market access at home and abroad for Australian red meat and livestock

Policy for Efficient and Integral Supply Chains

Efficient and integral supply chains are enormously important to the industry, with potential gains of up to 1.3 billion by 2030 if improved. Whilst a lot of this is industry focused, a core area that government can influence is an improved transport and infrastructure network for the sector.

We will continue to work with government to achieve this and ask that:

  • The Australian government supports our sector in delivering products of the highest quality and integrity
  • The Australian government supports a modern transport and infrastructure network that improves human safety, animal welfare, eating quality and productivity outcomes for our sector

Policy for Productivity and Profitability

The Australian red meat & livestock industry must increase productivity growth; and seeks an efficient regulatory network to support this.

We believe that:

  • Government systems and regulation should optimise productivity and profitability for all Australian red meat and livestock businesses.