MISP2020 Progress Report

The Australian red meat and livestock industry in 2015 committed to an ambitious target of unlocking up to seven billion in growth by 2030 through the launch of the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020 (MISP 2020).

All of the players within the Australian red meat and livestock industry marketing, research and policy bodies – from paddock to plate – have taken the MISP2020 seriously and have integrated it into their own businesses.

2017 – mid way – represents an excellent opportunity to measure our progress as an industry.

Our Aims

The MISP2020 Progress Report aims to:

  • Measure progress achieved against unlocking seven billion in growth for our industry
  • Troubleshoot barriers to achieving this economic opportunity
  • Develop a results framework moving forward for RMAC and other MISP2020 stakeholders
  • To gain insights for beyond 2020 about what is important to Australian red meat businesses

Further information on the design and delivery of the MISP2020 Progress Report:  

Our Values

RMAC is committed to the highest level of professionalism and delivering to Australian red meat and livestock businesses.

In executing a mid-term Progress Report and establishing a future results framework RMAC seeks:

  • Accountability – What has been achieved ($ gains) and what hasn’t been achieved. How do we make the current MISP better by 2020 and who is responsible for making it better?
  • Transparency – Being open about what we are doing well and what we can do better.
  • Dynamism – Form understanding of future drivers for growth for MISP 2025.
  • Inclusivity – Meaningful engagement of the industry and community we serve.
  • Good Governance – Ensuring the MISP2020 is managed in the best manner possible.

For Further Information

Members of the industry or decision makers can contact RMAC on admin@rmac.com.au or (02) 6269 5606 for further information. Alternatively you can contact the relevant RMAC Member Council.