State of the Industry 2017


RMAC, in partnership with our members, and with support from Meat & Livestock Australia, released the first ever State of the Industry: The Australian Red Meat & Livestock Industry in October 2017.

The State of the Industry 2017 for the first time highlights our industry’s strong economic credentials and cultural value to Australian consumers. These include:

  • We are the leading exporter of beef and goat meat, we are second only to New Zealand in exporting sheep meat & are the third largest livestock exporter worldwide
  • Australians eat four times more beef and six times more sheepmeat compared to the rest of the world
  • We employ 405, 000 Australians directly and indirectly
  • We contribute 18 billion to the GDP
  • We have achieved 11 per cent growth>
  • We are a network of 75, 000 strong businesses that have experienced 5 per cent growth

Click here to read the full State of the Industry 2017.

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