About RMAC

Who we are

Quite simply, we are an industry company working for industry. We a network of producers, lot feeders, manufacturers, retailers and livestock exporters representing 75,000 Australian beef, goatmeat and sheepmeat businesses from gate to plate.

Why work as a supply chain

We believe we are better working together across the red meat supply chain in representing our interests to the community, the industry and to government.
Through the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020, we have an ambitious collective goal of unlocking seven billion in value by 2030 for Australian red meat & livestock businesses.

Working for Aussie red meat businesses

We aim to add value to our network of businesses through:

  • Thought leadership
  • ‘Paddock to Plate’ Policy & Advocacy
  • Working with key industry ‘steakholders’ through the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020
  • Growing the Red Meat Industry Fund

Corporate Profile

RMAC is a not-for- profit company limited by guarantee that was established by the Red Meat Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 1998.
We are funded through investments from the Red Meat Industry Fund.

More Information:

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At the Red Meat Advisory Council, we are a group of leaders who work across the supply chain because we believe we are better working together in partnership with industry and government.

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