Meat & Livestock Australia intends to establish a levy payer register (LPR) in accordance with the Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Act 1991, s27.

A levy payer register is a database of the details of individuals and organisations that pay MLA levies and charges, enabling MLA to identify and communicate with levy payers.

Since the legislation was implemented in September 2018, grains, sugar, wine and grape industries have implemented levy payer registers and MLA is currently in consultation with the Department of Agriculture (DAWE) to plan the implementation of a meat and livestock levy payer register.

During May and June MLA will be conducting initial consultation with levy collection agents, to understand the implications for industry and discuss potential rollout timeframes. This change will impact collection agents (livestock agents, processors and producers) who collect and remit livestock transaction or export levies.

An FAQ on Levy Payer Registers is here, and more information can be found on the DAWE website.

If you have questions, feedback or would like to be consulted with directly please respond to before 29 May 2020.