Late last year, the RMAC Board and Members Forum determined that a whole-of-industry affairs strategy was required in relation to:

− Animal welfare across the supply chain
− Red meat and its role in food and nutrition
− The environmental impact of red meat production and consumption across the supply chain
− Other key issues identified as needed or through ongoing monitoring and intelligence

The red meat service providers (AMPC, LiveCorp and Meat + Livestock Australia) set about sourcing and developing an Industry Affairs Steering Group (IASG).

What is the IASG?

A skills-based and industry-led Steering Group, IASG provides strategic advice and recommendations to the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC. The IA Services Unit has been appointed by RMAC to lead this process, and play a key role in influencing the vision identified for the industry through Red Meat 2030.

The IASG will be responsible for the implementation of an industry affairs strategy for animal welfare, red meat and public health, environmental impact and other agreed issues identified in Red Meat 2030 (formerly: Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2030).

The IASG will:

1. Develop an annual Red Meat 2030 industry affairs strategy for the approval of RMAC

2. Execute the RMAC approved industry affairs strategy on an annual basis

3. Provide support and advice to RMAC on agreed policy and industry positions within the three priority areas of animal welfare, red meat and nutrition and environmental impact

4. Apply agreed to Governance Principles in all aspects of decision making

5. Provide advice to RMAC on the development of a monitoring and evaluation framework for the IAU, and review quarterly evaluations

As needed:
6. Provide short- and long-term strategic counsel and support on issues and crisis management as requested by RMAC

7. Provide advice and proposed handling tactics on key new emerging factors impacting Australia’s 82,500 red meat and livestock businesses

Look out for more on the Steering Group’s activities in the coming months. Download the Terms of Reference here.