Our Border Control information is current as of 30 March, but is subject to change and regular updates. You can read the full report here

Please contact your Peak Industry Body if you’re experiencing business-related and border crossing issues relating to COVID-19. 

The red meat and livestock industry has secured assurances that our industry will be afforded exemptions as an essential service, as well as seeking consistency of this across all states and territories. 

Each State/Territory is in various states of preparedness for individual border controls. Each state jurisdiction have indicated that all components of our supply chain (including inputs such as feed, feed inputs, vet products, professional services to producers, livestock, meat transportation Etc) can continue to trade across borders. 

Essential services legislation shows the following for each state or territory however all states have put exemptions in place for livestock, fresh food and associated inputs. 



  • Borders currently open
  • Freight of food will continue
  • No further action required. Minimum impact to supply chains anticipated. 


  • Stage 1 of shutdown of nonessential activity across the country commenced 
  • Agriculture & food included in ongoing cross border operations
  • More information can be found here


  • Strict border controls for all access points in place – those providing goods and essential services will be exempt. 
  • Transport, freight and logistics are exempt, this includes livestock, beef production and transport of beef interstate and to ships – industry has been advised of the exemption
  • More information on guidelines can be found here


  • All people entering South Australia to isolate for 14-days from their arrival. Exemptions apply
  • Exceptions have been made for all freight (food, livestock, inputs) and skilled/ critical workforce
  • More information on travel can be found here 


  • All nonessential travelers departing for Tasmania required to quarantine for 14 days
  • Freight will continue to come in and out of Tasmania, with TTLine having capacity to carry extra freight
  • More information on border restrictions can be found here


  • Stage 1 of shutdown of nonessential activity across the country commenced 
  • Agriculture, food and allied services exempt
  • VICAG happy to work with industry on an ongoing basis and will ensure food supply through the development of their Stage 2 protocol


  • Strict border controls in place for all access points 
  • Exceptions for delivery of essential services
  • State Supply Chain COVID emergency response control room Staff permanently working from a State Supply Chain COVID emergency response control room, in-conjunction with the other modes, all aimed at keeping the state supplied and industry moving. 
  • More information on the ‘soft start’ of enforcing controls can be found here


  • Border restrictions in place 
  • Red meat, livestock and associated inputs and services exempt 
  • More information can be found here