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The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework

As part of our commitment to delivering a high quality product in line with consumer expectations, the Australian beef industry in April 2017 published the first ever baseline report for the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (ABSF). 

RMAC have appointed a new ABSF Sustainability Steering Group. Click here to read the announcement.

The Australian beef industry, led by RMAC, has developed the Australian Beef Sustainability Report to future proof our industry and has a plan to drive this forward.

RMAC is committed to driving forward the longevity and prosperity of the Australian beef industry from paddock to plate.

The ABSF Report is accompanied by a strong governance framework and clear action plan including:

  • Appointing a Sustainability Steering Group to drive the ABSF forward (complete June 2017)
  • Appointing a community reference group for ongoing consultation
  • Engage expert panels to develop specific action plans to grow opportunities and address risk
  • Understand and report against activities within the Australian beef value chain

The ASBF Report supports priorities in the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020 for improving transparency, aligning practices with community expectations and building trust in the red meat sector.