Our White Paper


A White Paper for the Red Meat Advisory Council

How to create increased value for Australia’s $18 billion red meat industry and 80,300 red meat businesses?

How to have an industry ready to respond to all future challenges?

Those are the questions the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) asked an independent Red Meat MoU Taskforce to answer on behalf of industry bodies. 

20 years ago, a Red Meat Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was created to define the roles, responsibilities and funding of Australia’s red meat industry bodies. Given the enormous political, economic and cultural shifts since then, RMAC commissioned an independent Review of the MoU in September 2018. 

This Review included direct engagement with MoU signatories and government, over 600 downloads of and 57 formal submissions to a Green Paper, online consultation, a national phone hotline, and in person briefings with a range of organisations and stakeholders.

The result of this Review is A better red meat future: A White Paper for the Red Meat Advisory Council.

The Review was chaired by one of Australia’s leading public policy review experts Jim Varghese AM, supported by an independent and skills based nine-member Taskforce.


The White Paper provides a road map towards a better red meat future by:

  • Recommending three new streamlined and unified industry bodies guided by a clearer and more relevant MoU.
  • Providing an unprecedented, clear line of sight between the priorities of levy-payers and industry strategy.

The White Paper recommends:

  • A renewed plain-English red meat MoU that is well understood by Australia’s 80,300 red meat businesses.
  • Three new streamlined and unified industry bodies: Red Meat Australia, a single Red Meat Research Body and an industry standards forum.
  • Red Meat Australia would be the single voice for the Australian red meat and livestock industry.
  • Red Meat Australia would be the single conduit for levies collected from business and coordinate industry public policy, social license and marketing roles.
  • Red Meat Australia would set the Meat Industry Strategic Plan (MISP); and all three new bodies would be accountable under the MISP to Red Meat Australia.

The Taskforce believes the White Paper recommendations would reduce bureaucracy and duplication, be more cost-effective, make the industry more accountable to levy payers and taxpayers through a series of dashboard reporting and audits, and create an easier to understand and more business-centric approach to industry representation and service delivery.

The Review Process

What Happens Now?

The White Paper provides an indicative timeline and suggested process to work towards the creation of Red Meat Australia, a single red meat research body and a single standards organisation.  All signatories to the MoU are now considering the White Paper recommendations.  MOU signatories have committed to consider how we may best transition our industry to a stronger, more unified position.   RMAC has undertaken to provide a report on White Paper progress by November 2019.