Towards a Better Red Meat Future

Getting the governance right: review of the Red Meat MoU.

RMAC has appointed an independent Red Meat Reform Taskforce to review the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) put in place 20 years ago to define the roles, responsibilities and funding of Australia’s red meat industry bodies. With our industry facing unprecedented risks and opportunities, we need to ensure our structure is fit for purpose now and into the future.

The Taskforce is expected to release its recommendations on the future structure of Australia’s $18 billion red meat and livestock industry by the middle of 2019.

From Green Paper to White Paper

Our best practice + independent review process is led by renowned policy thinker and reviewer Mr Jim Varghese AM. He has 33 years’ experience in the public sector, over 10 years’ experience in the private sector, and his most recent public policy review was one of just two rated 9/10 for having ‘excellent process’ by independent think-tanks.

Here is a summary of the Red Meat MoU Review process:


  • Announced September 2018 by RMAC, with bi-partisan support from the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources and Shadow Minister for Agriculture
  • Independent nine-member Taskforce appointed
  • Consultations with MoU signatories + broader stakeholders
  • Green Paper released for national consultation 14 February – 15 April 2019 (the consultation was extended via demand from industry)
  • Widely publicised via media, social media, email, ads, member networks and existing events to generate a constructive discussion about our industry’s future
  • Over 600 Green Paper downloads, 50 submissions received.


  • Independent Taskforce using consultation feedback to test its thinking and develop a White Paper that takes stakeholder feedback and research and recommends a pathway for reform.


  • White Paper will be presented to RMAC by mid-2019
  • Signatories to the MoU will provide a public response to the White Paper
  • Where agreed, signatories will be responsible for implementing the White Paper.