Here is the Red Meat 2030 Ongoing Pandemic Response to COVID-19 for Australian red meat and livestock businesses:

Whole of supply chain planning and strategy
Monitoring and research
Thought leadership
Ministerial Advisory role
Member support
Secretariat to standing Red Meat 2030 Ongoing Pandemic
Response + Roundtable

We have also developed an 8 point action plan to focus our direction.

1.Putting strategies in place to protect the wellbeing of staff and customers: We will heed all public health advice in our activities, and actively look after the physical and mental welfare of our staff, Directors and partners.

2.We are here to serve red meat and livestock businesses in continuing business: We remain here to grow trust, pride and demand in our industry and unite all parts of the supply chain to be an industry of Profit, People and Purpose through our ambitious Red Meat 2030 strategy.

3.We are here to support and engage Red Meat 2030 partners: We will continue to provide a forum for industry coordination and harmony for whatever challenges and opportunities lie ahead for our people and our businesses.

4.We will continue to deliver key industry projects and insights virtually: For our flagship projects it is business as usual to keep delivering, through a variety of new and existing channels, using this as an opportunity to continuously improve.

5.We will be at the forefront of thought leadership for our industry: Together with Red Meat 2030 partners we will generate new research, analysis and thinking to guide Australian and regional food security, export, economic and eating experiences.

6.We will use this time to actively improve our communications and collaboration approaches: COVID-19 represents an opportunity to better collaborate with our customers, our industry, our governments and our regions in new innovative ways and form unique partnerships.

7.We will contribute to the national and international fight against COVID-19: Industry will play our role in the national to COVID-19 and will be active in providing State and Federal Governments our industry insights and guidance.

8.We will plan for the short, middle and long term future: Red Meat 2030 will remain our true north when it comes to our shared industry vision and direction, but we will actively plan and respond to new information as it comes to hand and re-evaluate accordingly.

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