To deliver on our vision, we have identified our 6 strategic priorities. These will provide our industry with the necessary focus and direction to achieve our vision.

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People see being part of the Australian red meat and livestock industry as attractive and a source of pride and belonging

  • Attract and retain good people by creating safe and healthy workplaces 
  • Developing skilled and capable people, by creating pathways for career advancement
  • Enabling practice change through new technologies and innovations   

We will double the % of project funding for extension; the red meat industry will become an employer of choice.

With more:

  • Job application response rates
  • Trading and upskilling
  • Diversity and inclusivity
  • Adoption rates

And less:

  • Workplace turnover


People feel good about eating Australian red meat. Recognising the vital role our industry plays in food production and food security, and trust us to deliver high value, high quality products.

  • Educating and advocating for Australian red meat, by being transparent in how it is produced.
  • Responding to needs, by creating a customer-centric culture.
  • Positioning red meat as a protein of choice, with an evidence-based narrative around the health and nutrition benefits of Australian red meat within a balanced diet.
  • Identifying high-value opportunities, such as red meat based snacks and other new red meat food categories.

Australian red meat is preferred and the industry is positioned as one of entertainment, enjoyment and national significance.

With an increase in:

  • Preference for Autralian red meat across all markets
  • Approval and trust for the industry
  • Understanding of the industry’s vital role in our economy
  • Prosperity in red meat communities, as measured in our sustainability frameworks


We are recognised as the world-leaders in animal health, welfare, biosecurity and production practices.

  • Ensuring whole-of-industry animal health and welfare through capturing and reporting data within traceability and feedback processes
  • Adopting best practices
  • Optimising animal production for the environment and market, adhering to ethical practices, collaborating and data sharing

Taking a holistic approach to research programs, to better understand the complex interactions of animals, soils, plants and climate, on production and profitability

With an increase in:

  • Understanding and use of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs), leading to more productivity and ROI
  • Approval and trust in our animal health and welfare practices
  • Industry responsiveness to biosecurity risks to our livestock


Demonstrate leadership in sustainability, as well as delivering on community expectations in the areas of land, water, biodiversity, climate change and biosecurity.

  • Advancing our sustainability frameworks and supporting their adoption
  • Acknowledging our vital role as stewards and managers of 50% of Australia’s landmass
  • Building on our proactive approach to climate variability, through investment into research

We are recognised as world leaders in agricultural environmental management and stewardship practices.

With an increase in approval and trust in our environmental management and stewardship


To improve the economic resilience for our industry by increasing access to, and the performance of existing and new markets. 

  • Reducing tariff and quota barriers to trade, means the best value for our red meat products
  • Reducing non-tariff barriers to trade, means realising the full potential of existing markets and pursuing new markets
  • Building on our commitment to biosecurity and food safety, and advocating for adequate resourcing of Australia’s border, customs and biosecurity capacity
  • Promoting investment in our industry, by improving the confidence of venture capitalists to invest in agriculture as technology and innovation
  • Ensuring Australia remains competitive with international red meat markets, through increased innovation in key high cost areas including labour, energy and regulatory charges.

The value of red meat sales will have doubled, while capital investment will have tripled, when compared to 2020.

As well as:

  • Australia maintaining its disease free status
  • Secured preferential access in over 90% of red meat export markets
  • Non-tariff trade barriers reduced by $1 billion by 2030 compared to 2020


We are a trusted brand because of our integrity systems, built on trust and respect that supports strong partnerships and sharing of information, reducing unnecessary industry and government regulation.

  • Ensuring end-to-end integrity, traceability and provenance, creating a single, user-centric supply chain integrity system
  • Improving digital connectivity, by seeking technology partners to support improved and cost effective connectivity
  • Embracing automation and Agtech; encouraging adoption of emerging technologies

Recognised by users as a world class integrity system, with end-to-end traceability, with 100% participation in coordinated industry integrity systems at 100%

As well as:

  • Digital connectivity increasing for all industry participants
  • We have halved compliance and regulatory costs, compared to 2020, through an innovative approach to compliance