The Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020

What is the MISP2020?

The Australian red meat and livestock industry is working together to add seven billion dollars to our industry through a coordinated approach to activities and resourcing through the Meat Industry Strategic Plan (MISP) 2020.

We want our industry to be an acclaimed contributor to the Australian community and economy:

  • Respected for its stewardship of livestock
  • Rewarded for its quality products
  • Recognised for its environmental credentials

Who is delivering the MISP 2020?

The MISP 2020 is a partnership of RMAC members and other steakholders. To ensure return on investment is achieved the MISP 2020 is incorporated into their planning cycle to ensure a coordinated and unified industry strategy.

Whilst government does not have a formal part in the delivery of the MISP2020, many aspects of delivering seven billion dollars in growth relies heavily on a close partnership with all levels of government.

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