MISP2020 Progress Report

The Australian red meat and livestock industry in 2015 committed to an ambitious target of unlocking up to seven billion in growth by 2030 through the launch of the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020 (MISP 2020).

The MISP2020 Progress Report aimed to:

  • Measure progress achieved against unlocking seven billion in growth for our industry
  • Troubleshoot barriers to achieving this economic opportunity
  • Develop a results framework moving forward for RMAC and other MISP2020 stakeholders
  • To gain insights for beyond 2020 about what is important to Australian red meat businesses
  • Released in March 2018, the MISP2020 Mid-Term Achievements Report can be viewed here which shows the power of collective prioritisation and investment; and that the industry is on track to meet $6.5 billion of its $7 billion dollar growth goal.

    RMAC_Mid Term Key Acheivements