State of the Industry 2019


State of the Industry 2019: the Australian red meat and livestock industry was released by the Red Meat Advisory Council and Meat and Livestock Australia on 11 October 2019.

The report  captures where our industry sits in terms of red meat economic significance, consumption, production, imports & exports. Plus more stats and facts than you could ever need, to impress your friends at the next backyard BBQ!

The 2018 report highlights our industry’s strong economic credentials and cultural value to Australian consumers. These include:

  • We are the world’s largest sheepmeat exporter, followed by New Zealand
  • Australia exports 65% of beef, 73% of sheepmeat and 90% of goatmeat production
  • We employ 405,000 Australians directly and indirectly
  • We contribute 13.5 billion to export receipts, the world’s highest value red meat exporter
  • We are a network of 80,000 strong businesses from paddock to plate

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