We have set the ambitious vision for 2030 of doubling the value of Australian red meat sales as the trusted source of the highest quality protein.

To achieve this, we must address all the aspects of what makes our industry great: our people, our customers/consumers/communities, our livestock, our environment, our markets and our industry systems.

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As one of our 80,000 Australian red meat businesses, the plan will empower you and provide the strategy to guide the tools, technologies and resources needed to stay sustainable and prosperous.


Investing in people

We will invest in our people to enable adoption of best practice and extension programs. This will help to ensure our regional farming, export and processing businesses get the first-mover advantage from our industry-funded research.

Reducing red tape

Excessive red tape adds costs and slows productivity. Our goal is to halve the cost of industry and government-led regulation based on a 2020 baseline study. This will allow us to invest back in our industry and create more opportunities for growth.

Trading across the world

Access to new markets and boosting performance in existing ones, will ensure the sustainability and resilience of our industry - which is 60% trade orientated - by 2030 we aim to secure preferential access to 90% of red meat export markets.


It will meet the changing expectations of the millions of domestic and global customers who eat Australian red meat, by improving animal welfare, sustainability and building on our reputation for high-quality products.

Our new superfood

It will strengthen red meat’s position as a protein of choice for Australian and global customers. And communicate the vital role that red meat plays in healthy diets and sustainable food systems.

A world-leading carbon-neutral goal

The industry will aim to be carbon-neutral by 2030, taking a holistic approach to climate variability and water use. We aim to become recognised as the world leader in agricultural environmental management.

Animal welfare best practice

Our livestock will be covered by the highest possible standards of health, welfare, husbandry and biosecurity practices, with a commitment to using new tools and technologies to progress, improve and become recognised as world leaders.