Work to develop the next strategic plan to guide Australia’s $18 billion red meat and livestock industry through a decade of radical change is ramping up with a series of industry engagement workshops beginning this month.

The Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2030 (MISP 2030) will be a customer-focused plan to identify wholeof-industry priorities, guide investment, and help the 400,000+ people employed from farming tomanufacturing and live export adapt to a changing future.

Workshops to explore the desired 2030 future for red meat industry people, animal welfare and environment sustainability are being held in Canberra this month.

In coming months additional workshops will be held right around Australia – including importantly in regional towns – to bring a diversity of people together to co-design solutions to challenges and opportunities.

In addition to providing the basis for industry coordination that previous MISPs have had, Red MeatAdvisory Council Chair Don Mackay said MISP 2030 will have a much stronger focus on building the capacity and capability needed to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

“With new consumer choices and a changing operating environment, we’re facing a future that is constantly changing and increasingly challenging,” Mr Mackay said.

“That means our industry, individually and collectively, needs to embrace change if we are to own the future we want.

“MISP 2030 is being designed right from the start to be a plan that builds capacity and capability right across the industry so every one of the people in our industry will have the help they need to adapt to a changing world.”

The initial phase of developing MISP 2030 has involved extensive review of existing research and engaging with industry bodies. This month marks a shift to broader engagement with people right along the supply chain and new perspectives from outside the industry, as the plan is constantly iterated and refined.

In addition to these events, RMAC member organisations will be consulting directly with their members to help build MISP 2030.

MISP 2030 is scheduled to be released by October 2019 and will replace MISP 2020, which has been successful in driving a growing culture of collaboration and support for a whole-of-value-chain approach.

More information and regular updates on the progress of MISP 2030 development is at