What is MISP 2030?

MISP 2030 is a customer-focused plan to create the future we want in a rapidly changing world. It identifies whole-of-industry priorities, guides investment, and empowers the 200,000 people in our industry – from farming to manufacturing and live export – to drive the change needed to bring the plan to life.

The current MISP will have run its course by 2020, so it’s time to create the next MISP to take us to 2030.

Previous versions of MISP have given us an agreed list of priorities to work towards and helped better align our industry. With this united front, the industry is now better positioned to make bold and transformative change to meet the expectations of our customers and create the future we want for our industry.

This is what MISP 2030 aims to do.

MISP 2030 will be the Australian red meat and livestock industry’s roadmap for being viewed around the world by 2030 as the producer of choice for safe, healthy, and ethical red meat products for discerning consumers.

Why is MISP 2030 needed?

Never before have we lived in times of such rapid change. Consumers’ expectations are changing, new competition is emerging, and the seemingly impossible is now possible. Change can be difficult, but we need to see these inevitable changes as exciting opportunities to find new ways, create new value and drive future growth.

We want MISP 2020-2030 to be a transformational strategy for the future of the red meat industry: one that motivates and helps the diversity of people and organisations across our sector to collaborate and deliver on the big issues that matter most to consumers.

Traditional areas of focus such as market access, innovation, productivity improvement and labour availability continue to be critical – and will be addressed in MISP 2030. However, the strategy will also address increasing pressures that are firmly on the rise both domestically and globally around consumer perception of red meat and ‘social license to operate’ issues, such as animal welfare, environment, and labour standards.

The development of a strategic plan that unites us around a shared vision of where we want to be, and a coordinated action plan to get there, is needed to help us meet these challenges.

Who is creating MISP 2030?

MISP 2030 is a strategic plan for the entire red meat industry and supply chain, not for a single organisation. It represents the management of over $1 billion in industry funds delivered by nine industry organisations for Australia’s 82,5000 red meat businesses.

MISP 2030 is being developed by the Red Meat Advisory Council on behalf of the Australian red meat industry.

It is primarily implemented by RMACs six members and the three red meat service providers.

  • Australian Livestock Export Council
  • Australian Lot Feeders Association
  • Australian Meat Industry Council
  • Cattle Council of Australia
  • Goat Industry of Australia
  • Sheep Producers Australia
  • Australian Meat Processing Corporation
  • LiveCorp
  • Meat + Livestock Australia

Ultimately though, MISP 2030 needs to be brought to life by everyone right along the Australian red meat supply chain.

It is being designed to empower our people to be bold, guide decisions, and back their ability to adapt to future changes and opportunities.

A Core Design Team led by consultants ThinkPlace and Primary Purpose, supported by a core industry group, will be responsible for delivering MISP 2020-2030. They are recognised leaders in design-led thinking and have a deep knowledge of the red meat sector, and will challenge our industry to take a transformational look at our future.

Strategy + governance

The development of MISP 2030 is about getting the strategy right – how we’re going to get to our future goal.

Separately, we’re also working to get the governance right: how we operate. This is being done by the independent review of the Red Meat MoU.

MISP 2030 and the Red Meat MoU review are separate but interconnected to take us to a better red meat future. They have been logically timed so we get the governance right first through the MoU Review process, and then integrate these findings into the MISP 2020-2030 strategy.

Read more about how we’re working to get the governance right with the independent review of the Red Meat MoU here.