13 September 2017

The following statement can be attributed to RMAC Independent Chair, Don Mackay in relation to tabling of the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee (RRAT) Report –

“We are delighted that the Senate References Committee are on the same page as us when it comes to an industry transformation agenda.”

“It’s great to see some parts of the Parliamentary process addressing the priorities identified in the RMAC Feeding Our People 2017 through the recommendation of an establishment of a Task Force to drive an industry transformation agenda and review of the Red Meat MOU.”

“Given this strong alignment, we are perplexed by RRAT’s view that ‘the committee is not satisfied that RMAC has demonstrated sufficient improvement in terms of efficacy or accountability over the past two years.’”

“Together with our partners, RMAC has – amongst other things – worked tirelessly on trade reforms for Japan, Korea and China which will return up to 20 billion dollars in value by 2020, launched the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework which aims to defend and promote our industry against a 6 billion dollar risk and provided advice to key Turnbull-Joyce government initiatives including the Foreign Policy White Paper and the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.”

“RMAC takes our responsibility on behalf the Australian red meat and livestock businesses we serve seriously and aspires to provide the highest quality policy leadership to decision makers. We will continue to do this with the mandate from our members.”

“We call on key members of the Cabinet to continue to work with us to achieve other outcomes in Feeding Our People 2017 and to work together to unlock up to 7 billion in growth for Australian red meat and livestock businesses.”

Media Contact: Anna Campbell, 0448 692 245