Achieving our goals literally has a lot at ‘steak’; and the Meat Industry Strategic Plan (MISP) 2020 has set some very ambitious targets of unlocking up to 7 billion in growth by 2030.

The MISP2020 also identifies the downside of not doing this right with up to 6 billion to lose if the Australian red meat and livestock industry does not seize this economic opportunity.

That is why the MISP 2020 Progress Report is important to us and has the following key objectives:

  • Measure progress achieved against unlocking seven billion in growth for our industry
  • Troubleshoot barriers to achieving this economic opportunity
  • Develop a results framework moving forward for RMAC and other MISP2020 stakeholders
  • To gain insights for beyond 2020 about what is important to Australian red meat businesses

We recognise this is a significant industry investment; and need to ensure that we are on track to achieve return on this investment for all Aussie red meat and livestock businesses from gate-to-plate.

As part of this industry investment, we are committed to transparency of project communications  for the MISP 2020 Progress Report and further information will be provided on the MISP2020 Progress Report web page.

For further information: